Local Business Owner, Wes Dove reaches Amazon #1 Best Seller with new book, What's Killing Your Profitability? (It's All About Leadership!) - Still in pre-order

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January 30, 2024

Contact: Cindy Dove, Co-Owner, Dove Development & Consulting
540-810-7776  cindy@dove-development.net, www.dove-development.net  

Proven Organizational Leader Unveils the Secret to Soaring Profitability in Groundbreaking Book: “What’s Killing Your Profitability? (It All Boils Down to Leadership)” which has already made Amazon #1 Best Seller in multiple categories including Amazon #1 Best Seller in Business Leadership Training & Amazon #1 Best Seller in Communication in Management.

Harrisonburg, VA - January 30, 2024 - February 20th marks the much-anticipated release of Wes Dove’s new title, “What’s Killing Your Profitability? (It All Boils Down to Leadership),” a cutting-edge book that challenges prevailing business paradigms and provides a transformative approach to leadership that promotes financial success.

Join Wes Dove and his wife Cindy, for the Book Launch Event of What’s Killing Your Profitability? (It All boils Down to Leadership!) 

Event date is Monday, February 20th, 12:00 noon at Honey Baked Ham - Harrisonburg, on National Leadership Day! Registration is required which includes lunch and a signed copy.  You can register for the event at www.dove-development.net/whats-killing-your-profitability-book and take advantage at this same link to get Dove’s Amazon Kindle e-book for just $.99 now until the release date.

Wes Dove, a renowned leader with over 25 years of experience in driving companies to achieve and exceed their financial goals, shares his expert insights into the often-overlooked leadership pitfalls that can drastically impact a company’s bottomline.

Drawing upon a vast repertoire of real-life examples, in-depth research and measurable results, Mr. Dove’s book dives deep into how leadership directly affects every aspect of a business’ profitability. Readers will discover the nuanced factors that lead to lost revenue, inefficiencies, and missed opportunities.

“Leadership is not just about guiding a team – it’s about igniting a charge that runs through every layer of the business, affecting outcomes and profits,” says Dove. “This book is a wake-up call for anyone in a leadership position who wants to unpack the true potential of their business.”

Designed for business owners, managers, entrepreneurs, and decision makers across all sectors, “What’s Killing Your Profitability? (It All Boils Down to Leadership)” provides actionable strategies and proven solutions for The Top 10 Things That Are Killing Your Profitability and How You Can Fix Them Now!

As the CEO of Maxwell Leadership, I have had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the transformative impact of Wes Dove's leadership coaching and strategies. His dedication to helping organizations thrive is unwavering, and his commitment to fostering better leaders shines through every page of this book. Mark Cole, CEO, Maxwell Leadershi
Cindy Dove
cindydove00@gmail.com, (540) 810-7776