News Release: 5/11/2016

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May 11, 2016
Local Entrepreneur Named 2016 Young Retailer of the Year  
Chad Layman of Fine Earth recently sent the Chamber a letter regarding K9s for Warriors.  We wanted to share it with our members and congratulate Chad, Fine Earth and our community on the support they are showing are Veterans!  Chad also told the Chamber that in just over 2 weeks our community has raised over $50,000 for K9s for Warriors!

I am writing to you about something very close to my heart and that I would like your help with. Right now in our country, 22 Veterans are committing suicide every single day. That is over 2500 suicides this year and over 120,000 Veteran suicides in the last 15 years. That is just not acceptable. We found a great organization that is truly helping our Veterans. It is called K9s for Warriors. They rescue dogs and then train them to be service dogs for Veterans with PTSD. They are getting incredible results and not one of their graduates has committed suicide. What can be better than rescuing dogs from kill shelters and then training them to help our heroes.

My business, Fine Earth, is so behind this, that as a business and myself personally, we have contributed over $20,000.  I am also acting as a volunteer for the organization.  

I have personally spoken to one of the graduates of the program, and Adam said his service dog, Molly, has saved his life. Nothing else was working, and he was suicidal. Once he got his Molly, he has slowly gotten his life back.  

I am asking businesses and individuals around the community to join Fine Earth on this incredibly important issue. Our Veterans have traveled to far away dangerous lands, been away from their families, risked their lives, so that we can enjoy our lives back home with our families and friends and follow our dreams. I hope you can get behind this important cause. Here is a link to their website.

I have set up a donation page through K9s for Warriors. You can click on the link below to donate. I ask not only that you donate, but help spread the word with your contacts. Our Veterans deserve our best effort.

Thank you for considering this,


Chad Layman, Owner 
Fine Earth, LLC
540.607.0931 - mobile
540.432.7977 - office

Chad Layman, Fine Earth, LLC Owner